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Where has the time gone?

Posted by A.E Kirk on December 13, 2012 at 1:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello! Well good lord where have I been?

Well as soon as November hit I was swamped! I got my manuscript back for LIT (Loving In Time) and as well a doing that I had to do NaNoWriMo and then I had to mark my students essays and then do speaking tests with them! Oy it was so much to do.

But now it's over! Yey! NaNo is finished and I won again, 3rd time in a row! The story has taken some time as the manuscript was only posted off last week >< so I shall pop that up in a document for 2 weeks! No more, no less, then I shall remove it.

On a good note, I have come up with a new story. It is fantasy but not as people would think. I really like it actually, it's quirky. It's called Love In Green. Check out the "About Me" to see a brief summary of the book, which I hope to finish in January some time.

FREE Story! Spirit of Water available for download!

Posted by A.E Kirk on October 20, 2012 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (1)

For my fans and friends,


I had tried to stop writing about Tara since I finished Scar of the Centaur, but I just can’t do it. I feel that this little novella, in 3rd person, allows me to go in-between more characters which make it more interesting.

This story is about one question I had thought about when writing Mark of the Water Nymph and also stemming from an idea I had many months ago: what if nothing in nature, moved…


I hope you enjoy the story.

It is free to download from the "Document" link on the side bar. 

See you soon!




Posted by A.E Kirk on October 19, 2012 at 2:40 AM Comments comments (0)

I have changed this page from Blog to News as it makes more sense. Secondly this is a message for Brigitte. Sorry I was unable to email you, but you didn't leave me an email.

Dear Brigitte,

Thank you for contacting me but I will not be publishing the story, entitled ""

I will say that even though the story-line was so-so, the story itself was rushed and poorly written as it was my first NaNoWriMo. Personally, I do not want to get this publlished and would not want to inflict it on any publisher nor my agent.

The story is thus deleted off Wattpad and I do not intend to put it back up.

Thank you

Best wishes.

Abi x

Update on Loving In Time!

Posted by A.E Kirk on September 16, 2012 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Ok so the other day I got some publication info from the publishers!

Loving In Time will be available from: 

It will also be available in international booksellers too. 

If there is any more info, I shall post here!


Update on Loving In Time!

Posted by A.E Kirk on September 16, 2012 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Ok so the other day I got some publication info from the publishers!

Loving In Time will be available from: 

It will also be available in international booksellers too. 

If there is any more info, I shall post here!


July Myth of the Month

Posted by A.E Kirk on August 31, 2012 at 3:25 AM Comments comments (0)

July Myth of the Month



Now when I say unicorn I do mean in its simplest form, a horse with a single horn on its head. The horn is said to be spiraled, like a narwhal. The mythical creature is also to have a goats beard and cloven hoofs instead of the natural U shaped hooves of horses.

Unicorns and their myth, apparently derived from the Ancient Greeks and then during the Middles Ages to the Rennaisance the animal became more widely spead; thus so the unicorn and the lion are in the crest of the United Kingdom and can be seen on the back of our£1 coins!


Unicorns have been known to be gentle creatures of purity, kindness and magic. The horn of the unicorn is the source of its power and the power has ranged from miracles of bringing back someone who is near on death, to electricity bolts for protection.


The unicorn is said to be a creature of the woodlands and can only be called and captured by a virgin who lays naked in the woods.


And as late as the 19th century, people believed in the unicorn. But where did the myth come from?


The Indus Valley civilization dates back to 2500BC and there are carvings which show a one horned creature. It is quite possible that during those times, the people spotted a rare, though not unheard of nowadays, one horned animal. They are rare as they come and it is due to a slight mix up in the gene of the animal which produces one horn, instead of two. The likely of which the animal wouldn’t have been around for long as with all horned animals, they use it for mating and protection. Two horns are better than one.


So what books have had unicorns in them?

-Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 1997 (Sorcerer’s Stone for those in the US and Canada, Kiwi’s and Aussies)

-I Believe in Unicorns. M. Morpurgo

-Stories of Unicorns R.Dickins

-The Thirteenth Unicorn. W.D Newman

-Christmas Unicorn A.Currey

-Wonder of Unicorns D.Cooper

-The Lion, The Unicorn and Me. J.Winterson


What films feature unicorns?

-Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 2001 (Sorcerer’s Stone for those in the US and Canada, Kiwi’s and Aussies)

-The Last Unicorn (1982)

-Stardust (2007)

-The Little Unicorn (2002-re-ed)

-Barbie of Swan Lake (2003)


June Myth of the Month

Posted by A.E Kirk on August 30, 2012 at 1:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Gosh! So sorry this has taken me such a while to get this done and put it up but here is June's Myth! (*cough* three months late)

June Myth- The Ogre


The Ogre has been commonly known to children and adults alike recently by the Shrek films. Ogre’s are now green with trumpet like ears and who like having weed-rat stew and having mud baths in a homely swamp. However like all good fairytales and fantasies, the ogre is a lot more unkind then Shrek and his ilk.


The Ogre is derived from a French word meaning to be ‘brutal’ or to ‘harass’. For e.g. you can have an Ogre like disposition.


In many of the classic tales from our history, Ogres have been known to eat humans. Effectively it is a type of cannibalism as the Ogre is primarily human-like, but giant in size. In one sense the “troll” and also the “giant” have been “related” to the Ogre, expressly from the latter myth where both species “grind the bones of humans to make bread”. However many Ogre-fantasists will say that the Ogre and the troll and giant are not related.

Many have found that the Ogre is a lot more “evil” that the troll or giant and is more terrifying. However like the troll, the Ogre is a nocturnal beast and can live pretty much anywhere that isn’t human populated or frequently visited by humans. So most of the time, in deep jungles and up high mountains. The Ogre has no magical power whatsoever. You won’t find it casting spells or using its super x-ray eyes to search for it’s prey. Ogre’s are similar to the giants that way. However, unlike the giant and troll, the Ogre is said to be extremely smelly and has its own distinct smell and apparently has more hair.


Not much is known on the ogre but there is a lot of space for adaptation for future books.


Ogre in book:

Ogre, Ogre -Piers Anthony

The Little Ogre’s Surprise Supper – T Knapman

Un Ogre – V. Bourgeau & Ramadier


Ogre on film:

Ogre 2008

Shrek 2001

Shrek 2 2004

Shrek The Third 2007

Shrek Forever After 2010



Posted by A.E Kirk on August 17, 2012 at 3:20 AM Comments comments (0)

So here is a brief update.

Firstly I apologist at not putting up Myth of the Month for June, July and August. I have been so busy with teaching and school and other things that my mind has been frazzled.

Secondly, good news! Loving In Time has been picked up by a publisher! Yey! 

I have been told that it shall be published within the next 6-9 months. I can give more details when I know more. But at least I have a choice in the cover! Thank the lord!

On another note, I have also got a blog with a friend, so I am posting up my Korean adventures. I'm a little late behind that too, but as I said, I have been busy! I shall pop up a link to the blog within the next few days.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful time over the summer! I went on holiday to Hawaii and it was just pure awesome! Loved every minute of it- best bit was snorkling with Green Sea Turtles! Best momemt! And I also got to see some Spinner Dolphins too! 

I shall pop up some pictures when I have the chance. Second semester has started and my girls have priority as it's their education after all.

Peace out!


Myth of the Month of May Dragons

Posted by A.E Kirk on June 19, 2012 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

May Myth of the Month





Dragons have stemmed from all corners of the world. Usually depicted as large lizards with wings in the Western mythology and as large elongated lizards in Asian countries, the dragon has been a common and regularly used mythological creature for hundreds if not thousands of years.

So where do they come from; where did they start? Well Dragons have been used in legendary stories throughout the world. Most commonly in Wales, as the Welsh flag is a red dragon, England, when St George slew a dragon, China, a rather imperial symbol and its part of the Chinese calendar, also Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, Russian, Greek, Persian and the mention has also been dated to the book of Job and Isaiah in the Jewish religion.

Within China, however, symbols of the great lizards have been decpited on Neolithic pottery- so it’s safe to say that the mention of dragons or at least large lizards have been around for thousands of years. At least 5,000, if not more.


Of course when you say the word dragon, you instantly think of Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings or of recent note, How to Train Your Dragon (brilliant film)- but what inspired the myth?


As of today, the current world has a dragon- or more to the point a very large lizard, thusly named the Komodo Dragon from Indonesia. From the myths of the world, dragons are man-eaters and so is the Komodo Dragon. Although unlike the myth where the dragon can devour any man with the snap of its jaws, it’s true the Komodo Dragon has powerful jaws but it kills its prey via venom, not bacteria as was previously known.


Other animals to help create the myth have been such as Nile crocodiles and also findings of dinosaurs.


Which dragon is which?

Let’s start with the Welsh Red Dragon or Y Ddraig Goch. The dragon, along with the daffodil, is the symbol of Wales. Though the symbolosim of the dragon, it creates a power and a significant pride that you’ll find amongst Welsh people of today.

The earliest known record of the Welsh Dragon is from 829 AD but it is said that King Arthur 5th Century AD was also said to have used the red dragon as part of his battle flag.

The myths of dragons have been apart of Welsh patriotism for centuries and have cropped up even in the famous Mabinogion.


The English Dragon is said to be the defeated dragon by Satin Geroge. The story was written in the 11th century, but it is said that the “event” took place in the Far East during the Crusades.

However during the Tudor times, England from 1400-1600’s, the English used the red dragon as part of the coat of arms, along with the Tudor rose and the English lion.


The Chinese Dragon.

The Dragon is China and indeed other Asian contries such as Korea, Japan and Veitnam, are a central part in thier history, their myths/fables and how parts of their countries were created. The Dragon for China began during the 16th century B.C., placing it as one of the oldest dates that the myht of the dragons’ belong to. It is said that the roar of the dragon is connected to that of thunder.


The Japanese Dragon.

Japan, however, adopted the myth of the dragon from China in 9th century A.D. during the spread of Buddishsm.


The Vietnamese Dragon.

Through folklore and myth, it is believed that the Vietnamese people are descended from a dragon (and a fairy). Representing rain and power, the dragon is an integral part to the Vietnamese history and culture.


The Korean Dragon.

The Korean dragon, while having similarities to the Chinese dragon, is more symbolic in regards to Korean legends and what it portrays. For e.g. the Korea dragon has a longer beard meaningis it wiser and is sometimes depicted carrying an orb, to which they would be creators of life. There is a myth within the Korean culture that a serpant came became a true dragon if it falls from heaven. This myth was actually turned into a film, Dragon Wars. (List is below)


Reign of Fire (2002)

The Neverending Story (1984)

Spirited Away (2001)

Dragon Heart

Dragon Heart: A New Beginning

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

The Flight of Dragons (1982)

Mulan (1998)

Pete’s Dragon (1977)

The Hobbit (2012)

Dragon Slayer (1981)

Dragon Wars –Korean Myth (2007)

Eragon (2006)

Beowulf (2007)


Myth of the Month of April The Elf

Posted by A.E Kirk on June 18, 2012 at 3:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Myth of the Month April 2012




The Elf has been attributed to the origins of European texts, mostly Old English and also Old Norse. As Elves (plural) has been recently attributed to helpful beings with magical powers, which was usually immortality, Elves used to be nasty horrible and vicious beings that would hinder humans. They would also attack livestock.


In Victorian folklore, the myth of the Elf became Romanticized and were attributed to fairies.


During recent literature, J.R.R Tolkien’s, The Book of Lost Tales and also more recently C. Paolini’s elves have brought about a new format for how the elves behave within their own race and how they behave towards humans.


Elves are also heard in ballads of old from England and Scotland that describe the creatures as terrible beings bent on rape and murder and that come from a realm outside of our own. Many of the ballads describe male elves, while the Queen of the Elves, Queen Elfland, is depicted as kind and caring.


Though, most of the English folktales show elves as small beings with mischievous persona and are usually drawn as children with a distinction of William’s Syndrome- which was believed to be of a magical appearance. In some cases elves are said to be invisible which would connect them more closely to fairies- this then evolved when the English left for the Americas on the Mayflower and they took the elf folklore with them- thus elves of Santa Clause were created.




So, of course if anyone has written fantasy books, they should realize there are many different types of elves. Within the world of myth and folklore, humans have created two types of elves. Those who are angelic/fairy-like to help the world grow and who have higher thoughts and powers and those who help Santa Clause/Father Christmas or Old Saint Nick with his presents for Christmas. These elves are usually wearing red and green with matching green hates with bells atop and who giggle like Pinky and Perky and are addicted to candy canes.


Elves in other literature.


Grimm Brothers Fairy Stories


Lord Dunsany The King of Elfland’s Daughter


Hans Christian Andersen The Elf of the Rose


J.R.R Tolkien The Hobbit


J.R.R Tolkien The Lord of the Rings


C. Paolini Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance


Elves in film:


Lord of the Rings Trilogy




The Hobbit (Dec 2012)


If you wish to know more about J.R.R Tolkien’s elves, please see this link:







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