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A.E Kirk
Site Owner
32 years old

About Me

About Me

I love to write. My website is a good accomplishment of mine. Then again so is anything  you put your heart into.

I am also a Christian and love the Lord dearly. My talents for writing would be nothing without his blessing them to me.

Love can be found even in your darkest hours,

if only one remembers to turn on to the light.

SecretMae is a website of wonder. I've worked hard to help it have a calming effect. Kind of like your favorite room in your house and how it makes you feel when your just lounging around. It has a collection or writing that I admire, other writing of all sorts on the thoughts page and my own asortment of writing. There are a lot of other pages including games, Enchanted Gathers(members only), forums, etc. My goal is that my viewers can visit this site and feel at peace somehow. Even if its only for a moment. Life has many hard battles on occasion and not everyone has a comfort area. Please let SecretMae be a resting point for those who may need it. Please enjoy.


A Web Site Of Thoughts

I am also an administrator to a great website called Heaven's Barrier. The motto is "We are all stuck between Heaven and Hell, so why not approach Heaven's Barrier. Heaven's Barrier offers friendship, prayer requests, testemonies, forums for discussions, an amazing Photo Gallery and inspirational music video's. Most of all information about Christianity, God and Jesus Christ. Heaven's Barrier was created to help people start their JOURNEY to Heaven as Jesus Christ as our guide. It is for non-believers who wish to believe, the one's already walking with Christ and perhaps those in between. So come, visit, have fun, learn, make friends and start your JOURNEY TO ETERNITY!!


Heaven's Barrier

Start Your Journey To Eternity Today!!

23 years old
About Me
My name is Rachel. Although I can't write unless it is poetry I'm good at covers and reading. I love to read and spend my free time scrounging(kidding!) aroudnd for something good to read. In my free time I go bowling on a team. And I love doing shot put and discus in track. I lovewatching movies and collecting pictures(that don't include me)to make scrapbooks.

34 years old


About Me

I'm an independent bookseller living in Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico. You can view my listings on Amazon and by browsing or searching the inventory of West of Eden Books. On Alibris browse or search seller Carl R. Scott.

About Me

Hullo, Those Who Are Reading Are Now Random. :3

I love peace, can't read properly without it.

Fav Words So Far: hiya, ello, ohai, hullo, random, dragon, poke.

38 years old
About Me

22 years old
About Me

Well...I LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE books.I can stay up all night reading,and I usualy get in trouble for it.My argument is reading is educational! Even though it never seems like it at all. .I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters,5 sisters if you count Cindy.

Cindy's my crazy wacky haired weird dancing cookie eating frosting loving monkey hugging (dont ask me)totally awesome best friend!!!!!



Things I say alot: Awesomeness

That's Bogus

I'm CRAZY!!!!!!!!



Color: Blue

Subject:I don't know anymore


Fruits or vegtables? fruits


Frosting or the cupcake? cupcake


Sour or not sour? Sour

I like to make people laugh,and for me that is quite easy all I have to do is starting laughing because usually when I lagh hard enough I fall on the ground hitting my head on my knees and laugh even harder.If you saw this I know you would be laughing.


One more thing people tell me I'm crazy,but don't worry I got that memo a lllllooooonnnnnggggg time ago!!!!!


OOhhhh I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!but who dosent.


Favorite Wattpad Book Excerpts:

" "OH MY GOD!This is soooo god."Bailey says sipping her red smoothie.

"I knew you would like it"said leo.

"Like it ! I love it! I'm going to date this smoothie." " -ChocoholicJunior's *****PJ Story


" Sit down.Relax.Have a cookie."-Misguided's *****Mark of a Fallen Angel


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____❤_❤____ Dobby!




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About Me

Hey im Opaltear and my name is a name (im a girl)

I love to read books like Harry Potter, The Wheel Of Time and Eragon. 


I love to watch movies and listen to music I always have my iPod with me everywhere i go. I listen to artist’s like- Paramore, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Eminem and so many more! My favorite movies and The Lord of the Rings (all 3!), Made of Honor and House Bunny.


I also like to spend all my time on Face book, MSN, Wattpad and baking things like cookies, brownies and cakes. I have 2 cats and a puppy. My cats names are Cottontail and Cuda, my puppies name is Chloe.


Im a writer, and I love it! :)

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17 years old
About Me

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    20 years old
    About Me

    I am a questionable writer who knows not of "common sense" and the proverb "Think before you act" stays far away from me. If only I utilized the level of IQ I had before getting into fights, then maybe I wouldn't come across as such a bitch. But 'tis life! I really suck at this stuff so if you want to know more about me, message me. It's not that hard and if I don't like you, you'll know. :)

    Sweet Stephanie
    35 years old
    About Me

    21 years old

    Torah Grande
    About Me

    I love to write, read, and play sports. Tennis is my favorite.

    My story that I am currently working on is called 'Life Just Couldn't Get Any Better, Could It?'

    I'm hoping to one day maybe become a published author, but I know how hard that is.

    26 years old

    Henriette Nell
    About Me

    I am a dreamer - my head is always in a cloud and I tend to have long and passionate conversations with the characters in my head! I am not crazy...just in my own little universe!


    I read alot.  Anything from romace to fantasy, lots of kiddie books (as I have a 3 year old daughter) and I am a movie freak.  I loooovvvveee movies and music and series and tend to watch alot of tellie.  

    I like hiking and  playing on the beach, eating pizza and drinkiing beer and fine wine (as I live in Cape Town there is an overload of good winne and many idyllic beaches to stroll on).  I am a chocoholic yes, you are probably thinking that this chick is OTT- but I love life and count every wexperience as unique, even if I have done it a hundred times before.



    LadyDawn_The _Writer
    About Me

    I am a disabled homemaker. I love to read and write, I repair computers on the side. I have written several stories on Wattpad several Fiction/Fantasy, one Romance, Short stories, Humor, Poetry a bit on the dark side but that goes along with my stories. I am working on RAPTURE a Vampire, Werewolf, Witch Fantisy/Thriller/Romance which is doing very well for a new writer. I have started writing the sequel to RAPTURE being The AWAKINGING of the same name which is a continuation of the previous story with a time jump. I am also in the process of producing a seperate book based on one character The Witch and her spells which I don't have a name or book cover for as of yet. These are just a few of the things I am working on I am sure in 2012 there will be plenty more stories to write about tile will tell.

    Blessed Be LadyDawn


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