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All of my stories that I write are never cliché. They will never follow trends, they will always be random, weird and original- which is what I live for.

 Me in a nutshell- I'm happy go lucky. Always trying to make other people happy and putting them before me. 

When I write, I use my own experiences and adapt them. I can really get into the emotions of a character and at times I end up crying with happiness or sadness. Lame maybe, but that's how I write. Just with essays I get very passionate and though it kills me sometimes to be objective (which when I know I'm right I hate to write how I'm wrong) I will always try and see the other side of things- try and look beyond the true picture and think out-side of the box.

I haven't been writing long, maybe since I was fifteen- but I've always been composing music and I think that's what sparked off my writing. If I can turn some notes into a nice melody, why couldn't I find some words and write a book? Well I have done just that. Though I know I am not the best writer, I know I'm not the best at grammar or punctuation, I am learning and I always will be, but it's the drive to learn, to be inspirational that will always make me want to write. Whether a hobby or profession, as long as I'm happy- for once, putting myself first.

Below are a list of stories that I have finished, currently writing or are in the process of being conjured from my strange brain! Some of them are fanfics, some of them I want to get published and some of them will hopefully be published within the next 6-9 months!

BEING (Editing)

My very first story I put up on wattpad was Being. A science-fiction story about a girl called Laina who was given the tenth Being (an alien from another planet) gene which gave her powers. Press ganged into service, she and other members of the Guard, who have also being given the Being gene, must save the rest of humanity, who are on the fringe of extinction.
This is probably my best story I have had fun writing. It's not the best story, but it was my first story and the one that carried me onto the other books that I have written. It is now being edited and turned from 1st person to 3rd person and I felt it would feel and look better from 3rd person perspective. It will take me a while to edit it but I'll feel happy once I do. I would like to get this story published also. 



The next story which I finished many years ago was a little fanfic called Avatar: The Last War. Now, I'm not talking about the blue Aliens from outer space, I mean the kids program Avatar The Last Airbender. While studying archaeology at University of Wales, Lampeter, I got bored and decided to write and thus Avatar was born...with three sequels.


 Still within the world of elemental benders and not blue mutant smurfs from outer space, Pippa is back with another conundrum. Jin is being coronated and Pippa and Leo set out to join him and Susan in the Fire Nation, but Pippa stumbles upon a coop in which she unfortunately gets tangled up in, not to mention Leon's plans to open up a school for all elemental benders- which Pippa is rather reluctant to even contemplate. But can she stop the bad guys and help Jin become the Fire Nation's new Fire Lord and will she accept Leon's proposal of this new school? You'll have to wait and see!


Though is it a finished story, it is taking me a while to edit it and post up the chapters. But once again Pippa is back, she's like a yo-yo haha. Everything is going smoothly in her life but she notices that Leo is acting strangely. When confronting him, he tells her of a plot that Cava-Wang, a cousin of Jin's is heading down to the South Pole to change their ways and take their oil, Pippa is forced to act but soon begins to question why she is helping when everyone tells her she is not needed. Falling into a strange depression, Pippa must pull herself out of her reverie because there is something else she hasn't paid attention to!

*All fanfics are FREE. Please leave a message with your email address and I will send the files to you. 



 Tattoo of the Black Angel has been my most successful story so far and I am very pleased with how it's going. I love my fans demanding me to post as soon as possible and I love to read their comments on how shocked and confused they are.

'Tattoo' started in December 2009 after having a weird dream about a girl, who when was angered, black wings sprouted from her back. I wanted to know her and try and understand how she would get into that situation and thus Tattoo was born. At the time I didn't think that people would like it. After all it's not a vampire or werewolf story- so I honestly didn't think that people would fan, vote or even comment on it because it's so abnormal. It is a finished story now! With two sequels entitled Mark of the Water Nymph and Scar of the Centaur.

Read the first three chapters here for FREE 


The sequel to Tattoo of the Black Angel, 'Mark' is rapidly coming my second book to write by far (Being is still my most favourite). Already knowing the plot from the early stages of July of last year (though I kept saying I didn't want to have any sequels), I decided to wait and finish 'Tattoo' first. Starting off in December of last year, I have bulldozed my way through the chapters, at one point spewing out 6 lengthy chapters in one night! The book is now completed finishing at 262 pages and 53 chapters. I hope you enjoy the sequel!


I hate to say it, but it is one of my most anticipated books that I have wanted to write to date. Since the Tattoo series began everything will be summed up in this book. Though there is room for spin-off's and a prequel, Tara Young's journey and the questions, assumptions and situations that have surrounded her and her friends and family, have come to a resounding end. The book is now completed and took me approximately 6 months to write. I hope that with the shocks and horrors that this book has, you will come to learn to love all the myths and legends of the world, and also the old characters from the past two books and also some new ones as well.

REALM: (Discontinued)

 Realm began quite a few years ago. And like a few of my stories, it began as a crazy dream where two cultures battled it out. Those cultures were the Egyptians and the Atlantians. I suddenly thought of it as a What If story and thus is sprung from there.

Realm shows the dichotomy of good and evil, black and white, good and bad the balance of the world with a surprising twist at the end. The book has now finished (woot, woot) and an editor is looking over it for me from Samhain Publishers. The book won the prize for Most Imaginative Setting category in's Watty Awards competition. I am honoured to have won and thank my fans and readers for voting for me.

 *This story has reached it's sell-by date. Though it was a winning book, it will not be on Wattpad again.

SOUL BEARERS: (Discontinued)

 It is about souls, angels and death. Like my other stories, there is an underlying moral to this story which I have been pretty open about in the first chapter and it will continue throughout the entire book. I hope it will grab people's attention and help them through difficult times. Though everyone has their own opinion on death and the afterlife, I have given something back to those who are unsure. Last year I had spoken to a man called Jeff, who I briefly worked with at the Torquay Museum. He told me what he thought death was about and what he thought, was also what I believed. Like Medium, Most Haunted and other programmes on T.V. which try and show that the dead are among us (though Meidum's plot-line isn't real, Alison Dubois is) I wanted to try and understand the true stories which people have witnessed and/or have gone through. Though it is purely fictional, there is some truth to it, in some way...if you believe and have faith.

*Though I had fun writing this little story, I will not be putting it back on Wattpad. I have moved on from the story. 

IS-IT-LOVE.COM: (Discontinued)

Oh well where to begin...Ok so we see teenager Jemma completely and utterly addicted to the internet. Her parents have always warned her about going on the net and talking to people, but if she did, to not give away any truthful information about her. Needless to say Jemma breaks the rule and starts talking to a nice boy called GothicJames86 and things begin to happen.

The story is set in 2002 where the internet is just a base for games and an explosion of internet chatrooms, soon Jemma starts to feel like she can trust this GothicJames86 and information about each other and pictures are exchanged. Though Jemma's school life is turning into a strange annoying sitcom. With random soap-like events from her schoolmates, friends turning against her, fistfights and schoolboy adoration and coursework, Jemma is torn between two guys- an internet guy or one who she can see and touch.

The book was created in 21 days with over 50,000 words and won the NaNoWriMo for 2010! I am very happy with it, but needs a lot of attention as the book was a little rushed though I tried my hardest for there to be twists and turns in the book! 

*Though this was my first NaNoWriMo story, I do not want to edit it, or see it through anywhere. It was an experiment to see if I could complete NaNoWriMo, I completed it and it's the end of Jemma and her story.

 LOVING IN TIME: (Part of the In-Time Series)
 (This is a published book)

On of my newest stories I created in a few months for a competition, it is a romance story with a Greek twist. Taken from the Iliad, we find a modern-day version of Helen, surrounded by 7 soldiers who have sworn to protect her, one of them is a boy named Troy. Twisted into fantasy, Helen is taken back thousands of years to the time when a never ending cycle begins and it's up to Helen to destroy the cycle or else there is no hope for the 7 guys who have come into her life. Can she make the ultimate choice and help with the fall of Troy, or will her soul forever be turbulent and tormented knowing that the cycle can never be broken? Find out in this first book of the Ancient Twist's series.

*You can read the first SIX chapter for FREE here

JOURNEY IN TIME: (Part of the In-Time Series) 

Journey In Time is the sequel to Loving in Time. In this story, we follow Odie, a geeky friendless boy who has suffered pain and torture throughout most of his childhood. When he goes to college he is given a strange brooch and is told by Helen and Gus that it is magical. Unbelieving, Odie wants nothing to do with them and leaves the brooch behind, but what Gus, Helen and  Odie don't yet realise, is that Odie must fulfil his destiny as a captain aboard a 70+ manned  24-gun Frigate ship. Can he become a man on his adventure and learning a truth that ensures the future of Helen and Gus? Or will he forever be tormented that his past will forever haunt him in his present. 

*You can read all of Journey In Time for FREE here

 SEPARATED IN TIME: (Part of the In-Time Series) (TBA)

This book is currently undergoing a re-write. I began writing it in Helen's point of view but then decided that I should also use the other main character's point of view just as I did with Odie in the previous book. It does have a title and I shall reveal it in due time. It is a love story and also a historical, action story too. Much of it has been researched and though the story is derived from a poem from Italy, I have decided to use the poem and a little bit of the story from the other author just so people know where the book stands and which famous parts will be adapted in the book. Can you guess what the story is?


The Barcode Series composes of 7 books and each book shows a different tale that spans across the world and over several decades. Controversial, the book addresses religions of the world, societies of the world and basic human nature to act in varying circumstances. However during the plight of all the humans on earth who have to endure the world's largest coup of the entire human race and history, can society learn from the mistakes that it's been forced to bow down to? How can you live in a world where you can't curse when you stub you're toe, or you can't think about anything mean or nasty? How can you survive if you stay out past curfew and only have spare change in your bank account? You'll find no sympathy, you'll find no humour, but you will find the dregs of the world come together and learn what happened to them, why it happened and if there is a way to get the world back to normal. But even then, would normal be the ability to kill, the ability to destroy? Isn't life, being under the thumb, a utopia? The Barcode Series addresses all manner of life and all manner of customs. No one is safe, no one is free. Everyone has a Barcode.

*You can read this story for free here



The 2nd installment in the Barcode Series follows Mr Richard Summers. He is given the task to seek out a message in The Vatican to try and persuade the "right" person to become the new Catholic Pope. However things don't plan out as they seem and Mr Summers soon finds he is on the wrong side of his very powerful company whose sole goal is to control every man, woman and child, on earth. You are not a person, you are a product.

*You can read this book for FREE here



 In The 3rd installment of the Barcode Series, we see Matt Danes discover a dark secret. He has just finished with The Company after ten years of forced service. But when a parcel arrives from a non-existent town called Burton in Oregon, Matt is forced to believe that The Company, is not all that it seems.

*You can read this book for FREE here


DOG SOLDIER (Coming Spring 2014)

 Dog Soldier was an interesting concept I got after I heard of the film Dog Soldiers. The film itself has been out for about a decade but thankfully with my strange brain, my story has nothing to do with the plot of the film.
In this book we follow Neven, a Mutt from earth. His father was part of the Lykos Guard but his mother was from earth. As it against the law for a Lykos to have an impure child, Neven, by the age of six, had his memories wiped and was sent to army school for ten years.
During those ten years Neven is visited by Sai, a lady from another world, who tells him that he will never be in the Real Man's Army but that he is special. When Neven turns 16 he cannot find a job in the army and waits for orders on what is to happen to him. But he is against visited be Sai and another man who take him to another world where magic is part of everyday life and where a war with the Mutts is about to break out. Being a Mutt himself, Neven must lead the group of Lykos Guards into battle and fight against the Mutts that wish to destroy his new home, but after a terrifying twist Neven finds himself on the wrong side and is unsure who to fight for. 

DRAGON SWORD (Coming Summer 2014)

Dragon Sword is a story I started at the beginning of the year. It derived from a dream I had three years ago but I didn't do anything with it. However while I was on the plane flying to South Korea, I started to write down some ideas and by the time I got off the plane, the first three chapters were plotted out. As usual with me there are some facts to the book and so there is a lot of research to be done but I am happy with it's progress.Though slow, I hope to finish it sometime in 2013! 

 WATER WORLD (Coming Winter 2014)

This story is interesting as it's a fantasy story set in the future. I think I will change the title at some point, but for now Water World is going to stick. Similar to the Kevin Cosner film (I'm probably one of the few people who actually liked it) where there's hardly any land, my story starts off with a girl on a ship which is basically a giant school on water that sails across the oceans and only reaches land to let the graduates go and bring on new arrivals. The story is focussed on a girl who needs to break the evolutionary step to breathe underwater or hold her breath for over an hour like her classmates. She cannot do it but instead has another strange ability which leaves her classmates dumbfounded. The story has only been partially planned out and it's not a favourable project to go back to, but the starting point and part of the middle and end is there.


When I came up with this story I was talking to a Korean parent who is nearly fluent in English. One of the questions that I asked her was about GM food and she believed it was a bad thing to have as there is no nutrients. I agreed with her and as I walked home went onto the computer and researched GM food and it's history and current development. I found it astonishing and also very scary. I then came up with a concept of a future without original fruit or vegetables and having an "Origin Hunter" as a main character. An Origin Hunter is like a fruit and vegetable bounty hunter. The world screams out for authentic and original fruit and vegetables and the Origin Hunters are paid to find original seeds and roots- but it's difficult as the scientists don't want the original seeds and roots to be found. So it's a race against time and fearing for your life but oddly enough the book is funny. I frequently write about it when I get the chance to research more for the story. 


Alison Banks is a detective living in London. Working on an unsolved case to find a string of young people who have gone missing in Kensington, she is taken off it when there have been no breaks for months. Upset, she is given a new case of illegal animal trade but comes across an address... in Kensington. It may be a lead to help her discover who had kidnapped all these young adults. Searching, Alison meets an old man called Mr Braddock and things take a turn for the worst. Drugged and shackled in his cellar, something happens to Alison that changes her and her life, forever. But can she undo, what has been done?

 You can read Love Is Green for FREE here


 Last but not least is Night Lords. Night Lords is in essence, my soul and is NOT on wattpad- and for good reason. I started Night Lords back in April last year when I had to come home to work for Torquay Museum for a month for a work-placement for my Master's course for my university. I was inspired by people's names like Greatorex who donated Mesolithic bones from Tore Abbey in Torquay in the 1800's. But after having an awesome dream about these creatures who were burnt by rain, scalded in the sun and who weren't, for all intents and purposes, vampires, I thought, I'm going to write it. Six months down the line and I wrote two books. Night Lord's became an obsession. I had to know what they were going to do about their demon and human problem. 

It is because of my obsession with Night Lords and my sheer will power that I have an editor for it and I am so, so happy it is Copyrighted. One step closer for it being on the shelves in a book shop! Night Lords will never be put on wattpad as I know people would not like it. So I shall leave it for the general public to decide, when it's in book form and not in text-form you would find on the internet.



Now that Loving In Time has been published in book form, I await it's ebook form in a few months time! 


Update August 2012: A publisher, Pegasus Publishers Imprint Vanguard Press, has picked up my book, Loving In Time and wish to publish it! Huzzah! The book will be in print and I have spoken to a few media sources to help with the distribution of the book. I hope that it will be published within the next 6-9 months! And I have the great pleasure of having a choice in the cover design of the book. I think something on the lines with my second cover of the book will do nicely. It was pretty and I liked the colours :)

Any and all information will be placed on this website regarding prices and where to purchase the book etc, in due time. As of yet I am still talking to the publisher about editing and what not! So in the mean time, please be patient! It's never a quick and easy thing, to publish a book, unless you self-publish. 

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