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Myth of the Month of March. Afanc.

Posted by A.E Kirk on March 30, 2012 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (5)

Myth of the Month: March



Afanc, or ‘Avanc’ as it’s pronounced in Welsh is a creature from the Welsh mythology. The Afanc is a water or lake mythological creature which is said to lure foolish people into its waters and subsequently kill them.

The Afanc in one respect is like a Grindylow from Harry Potter and as such, retains its “dark creature” status by killing humans.

Though the Afanc is not said to eat humans, it will lash out towards them if annoyed.

As the myth of the Afanc goes: “One night a maiden sat by the banks of a river/lake and an Afanc leap up onto her lap and stayed there (see picture). The villagers heard of this and upon saving the maiden come the Afanc attacked the creature and bound it in chains. Annoyed and angry, the Afanc ended up crushing to death the maiden, who was still beneath it as the creature was still resting on her lap.”

Later on it’s said that the creature was then killed by Percival or King Arthur where much of the Welsh legends still have a deep seat amongst the countryside and the Welsh and Cornish history. Even today much of the Arthurian legends is attributed to Wales, as well as Glastonbury Tor where Avalon is supposedly have meant to have been as well as King Arthur’s Castle and the Round Table said to have been in Cornwall. But there are many theories, many histories and many accounts.

In another way you could also relate this appearance of the Afanc to unicorns where by young virgin maidens can call unicorns to their sides. Maidens are often a source of magical mischief and mayhem though they can sometimes bring out the good in some dark creatures; it was unknown or unclear why the Afanc decided to leap onto this particular maiden’s lap; but in any sense, it rendered her useless to do anything. Perhaps there are reasons for why creatures do what they do? The unusual short story of this particular myth is interesting and leaves many holes to be filled. It would be interesting to expand on the Afanc and delve deeper into Welsh mythology which is rich in tales from hundreds of years ago.



Myth of the Month of February. Pegasus.

Posted by A.E Kirk on March 1, 2012 at 6:45 AM Comments comments (0)

The Pegasus.

It is one of the most known and easily identifiable Greek myths. The creature, a horse with wings; normally a white horse has played many parts throughout Greek history and also other fantasy films and books.

The creature was born to Poseidon and Medusa and was given the title of “Horse-God”. In Disney, Pegasus was created as a gift to Hercules, this is not correct. Sorry Disney, nice concept, but no. Pegasus was given many tasks during his time within the Greek myths. He helped carry the thunder and lightning to Olympus, the home of the Gods and gave permission for the hero Bellerophon to defeat the Chimera monster.

Zeus then “retired” Pegasus and made him a constellation in the sky which can be seen to this day.

Pegasus has turned up in many books, most notably in Robin Mckinley’s “Pegasus” where a princess befriends a Pegasus. There there’s the Pegasus series by Kate O’Hearn. Then there is also Harry Potter in which the creatures bring the Bauxbaton’s Academy students to Hogwarts and only like single Malt whiskey.

Pegasus has also turned up in, My Little Pony, Barbie, anime and also the recent film, Clash of the Titans.

There is not much to say about the creature accept that it is loyal and helpful. The animal itself and its concept in mythology is open to great interpretation. I look forward to future fantasy books.


Myth of the Month of January. The Troll.

Posted by A.E Kirk on January 29, 2012 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Trolls have been mostly described as doleful, grumpy, stupid creatures who pester humans. In Norway, they would be responsible for avalanches and rockslides and whenever you saw a boulder field, it was Trolls playing football. Trolls cannot be exposed to sunlight as they will turn to stone, or explode. Clan orientated creatures, they enjoy each other’s company, but only when there’s enough food to go around. They can become extremely aggressive and territorial.

Trolls can come in all shapes and sizes, tall, small, thin and fat. As you can see from the collection of pictures, there have been various forms of trolls. The Norwegians nowadays take on an almost playful romantic approach to trolls. If you have a figure of a male troll, you have to have a female as well, or it’s bad luck.

In Lord of the Rings the troll was baring on “giant” in height. Trolls have genuinely been known to be bigger than humans, usually with a small head and having an almost primitive personality. Tolkien’s other trolls in The Hobbit, for example varied in where the troll lived.

In Harry Potter, again we see a troll, tall, dangerous and stupid and carrying a club, which is similar to other films, like Lord of the Rings, where trolls would carry spiked clubs or maces.

Trolls in Mark of the Water Nymph and Scar of the Centaur: With the short story of ‘Strogen,’ I wanted to show that trolls are more complex and more “human-like” even if they wouldn’t care to admit it. In today’s society, there are many things that people need in order to be welcomed into society as being an adult. Sometimes it’s materialistic things such as having a car on your 16th birthday, getting your first door key or in religion such as a bar mitzvah, coming of age. With trolls they have their own coming of age by growing their tail. Of course it’s difficult for humans to understand the importance of growing a tail, but I suppose the closest I can explain is not becoming a man or a woman going through puberty.

Every teenager feels out of place or alone when nothing “develops” quickly enough, so they feel isolated and different. Strogen was no exception and so became a real troll when he found that he could be more than a troll by helping others. The moral: to accept the person for who you are, no matter what others say.

Trolls in Mark and Scar differed also in where they lived, but were only subject to the places they needed to look after by instruction of Etrician, Mother Nature’s right-hand man. Etrician divided trolls into forest, bridge and mountain. Forest trolls are small and are often mistaken for Brownies. If you went camping, they would be the ones who would steal your food, un-peg your tent and ask animals to poo around your camp; after all, you are making a mark in their forest.

Bridge trolls are there for trespassers who walk across a bridge; if you see a sign saying “Only cross one at a time” there’s probably a troll underneath it, waiting to jump out and ask you a riddle. If your not good at riddles, its best you find another way to cross; or you’ll be mocked for your stupidity and not being able to answer it. Then there’s Mountain Trolls, those like the ones in Norway. They demand that humans know they are around by creating loud havoc in the mountains. The trolls are pretty co-dependent and often don’t need telling off or overseeing, so Etrician has a pretty easy job with them.


Wattpad is Down! Oh no!

Posted by A.E Kirk on April 22, 2011 at 12:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Well apart from it being Good Friday, the 7th Day in a row I have worked, a week before my birthday AND Earth Day, it is also the second day that Wattpad has been down!

Very sad news indeed, but it cannot last forever, so we must all be patient.

So this morning was a bit of a hiccough. Was meant to get up early but then decided that I wanted a little lie-in and after turning on the computer saw that Wattpad was still down I screamed silently into my pillow =/ 

A little overcast, though it has been fantastically sunny these past few days with a nice temp of between 65-82! I still had hope for the day.

Screeching in my old bager of a Toyota Corolla, I made it to Greenway to drop off some stuff I then zoomed back to Coleton Fishacre to start work. TEA! Gulped it down and waited for the hoard of people who were waiting outside, wanting to come in...and then... Drip, drop, drip, drop..., Drip, drip drop little April Showers THEN IT CASCADED! People got soaked in seconds and I laughed muchly as I was indoors still mwhahahaha!

We have the Easter Trails on this week starting with £2 per trail and the kids get a choccy egg at the end! Aww! 

Found it really funny that a 15 year old was too embarrassed to do the trail, so her Dad gave me the money and after not wanting to do the trail, I just gave her the egg. I'm like nearly 25 and I would have done it! Plus the other day, I got a Mum who was in her 40's doing the trail because her 11 year old son had a strop on and didn't want to do it...So when she finished, she got the egg and he didn't haha! Some may call that mean, I call that justice, quite frankly!

Currently I am writing my little bum off trying to get these chapters finished for Mark of the Water Nymph. I have written the last hurdle so it's just the ending now and I am SO excited! Also now that Wattpad is down it does give me the inscentive to not talk to people, to be a complete and totally unsocial introvert and there is one small perk Wattpad is down.

Not that I don't love talking to everyone, but after talking to 500+ people a day, there is a point when you want to crawl under the duvet and ignore everyone. Being bombarded with ppl on a daily basis can drive ya crackers!

So ho-hum oo and here is a few links in case you get bored!

Abi =D

1 Millions Reads and a Starfish!

Posted by A.E Kirk on March 26, 2011 at 8:28 AM Comments comments (0)

Well yesterday I decided I shoud take Mo down to the little cove in Torquay where a mermaid was discovered in 1825. Of course people objected to it- but it was how the O.M.C. began!

The little cove is not far from the "Secret Green" in Wellswood, Torquay as my friend calls it. But the skeleton was housed for five decades before the Torquay History Society unknowinlgly took it over and housed it in a large building which is where the Torquay Museum is today!

Though of course when Darwin visited Torquay in the 1860's, he outright refused to believe the mermaid and after much deliberation, the skeleton was destoryed! =( Sad but half true! Well the Secret Green is true and the Torquay Museum is true but the mermaid is from Tattoo of the Black Angel...haha got you and it's not even April Fool's Day yet!

So, we made it to Meadfoot beach and after beach combing, finding awesome shells, I found a starfish! No, really I did! Picture below! Then after finding more awesome shells, I got back in the car and drove to Anstey's cove. 

The tide was in, however, but I found a load of scallop shells to add to my collection also, I found a golfball in betwix some seaweed covered rocks, but I couldn't reach it.

But ho, hum, it was an awesome day! And of course when I got back home, I saw my little story Tattoo of the Black Angel reach over 1 million reads! :D Happy Abi!

So I want to say a BIG thank you to all who votes, comments and reads the story. Fingers crossed that one day it will be published, it's just going to take a very long time.

Abi XD

Wattpad Ninja!

Posted by A.E Kirk on March 17, 2011 at 8:04 AM Comments comments (0)

For those of you who are unaware, Wattpad has Ambassador's who sort out all the nitty gritty work within Wattpsd and I am thrilled to say, I am now part of the team!:D

I have more responsabilities and tasks ahead of me, but I know it's going to be fun and the people there at Wattpad and the Ninja's are brilliant!

Little updates- I am posting like MAD trying to get Mark of the Water Nymph done by April. I have two hurdles to get over, one at the moment I am just starting now, which will last about 8-9 chapters and then the next hurdle which will then TAKE ME TO THE END! GARH! So everything is starting to come together nicely- and there are more shocks and horrors to endure haha, but you know me! I can't resist throwing something shocking in each chapter.

I have been neglecting Pippa of late and I'M SO SORRY! I will do my upmost to edit another chapter this weekend! And also shove out another Soul Bearers chapter, Mark of the Water Nymph chapter and if my hands haven't fallen off by then, another Loving In Time chapter. Phew!

If you have any questions, by all means contact me either over here, Wattpad or on my facebook!

I hope you enjoy my stories as I enjoy writing them!

happy reading!

Abi :D

Mythology Competition 2011 Is Open!

Posted by A.E Kirk on February 13, 2011 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

It's my One Year Anniversary on Wattpad - so Happy Birthday to me!!:D

So because I love all of my fans, readers and supporters, I have decided to run a little Mythology Competition!

There are three prizes to give away and its FREE and easy to enter!

How to enter: Just tell me in your own words and within a limit of 100 words: "Which Myth do you like and why?"



  • It can be any myth you like from anywhere around the world i.e. creature, place or thing
  • Try not to go over the word limit
  • Please do not use swear words in your answer
  • And do not plagiarise other people's work


Details: The competition will run from February 13th to June 11th and it open to any Wattpad member in the wolrd who can read English (not that I am being prejudice  but the books are in English). One entry per Wattpad member and if you wish to withdraw, please ask me directly.

All you have to do is send your answer to this e-mail address: 

[email protected]

Please use this template-

Subject Title: Mythology Comp Submission

1. Name:

2. Wattpad User Name:

3. Answer:

4. Word Count:

The winners will be announced on the 11th of June! 

Good luck!:D

Mythology Competition 2011!

Posted by A.E Kirk on February 10, 2011 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Well first off, I'm going to say whoop! By this Sunday the 13th of Feb, it will be my one year anniversary on Wattpad! And because I love my fans and readers from said website, I have decided to host a little competition!

It's nothing scary like writing a bazillion page story, it is simply answering a question within 100 words- see? Easy peasy!

The contest will run for 3 months so there is plenty of time to enter and three Wattpad members with the best answers will be selected to win one of three mythology related books!

All the details will be put on my fan page on facebook:

Any questions please ask away!

Hope you enter and good luck if you do!

Avalon or Glastonbury?! You be the judge!

Posted by A.E Kirk on February 6, 2011 at 6:32 AM Comments comments (0)


Well it was fun, windy but fun.

On Friday Mo and I decided to drive to Glastonbury, the place that becomes a hot-bed of D.D.S.A.(Drugs, drink, sex and alcohol) in the English "Summer" oh and "good" music is blasted out for a few days straight. Though I think it depends on what you think is good music- unfortunately I know they don't have Enya rocking up on the stage, so yea...

Anyhow, just an F.Y.I. last year Glastonbury tickets for this coming summer sold out within 4 hours, that's how popular the Music Festival is to the British public, and to Europe or anyone else who is Hippy-ish.


So I shall explain...Glastonbury is supposedly meant to be the resting place of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Who, you say?

Ever heard of the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin and Excaliber? Well they are all part of the Arthurian legend that spands hundreds of years- seriously we're talking at least 13 centuries- give or take a few decades, my history isn't good, pre-history archaeologist here!


Anyway, Glastonbury Tor is what was known as Avalon- an isle surrounded by water. Now hundreds of years ago, and again I'm talking about 3-4 centuries, there was little draingage within the lowlands of Somerset and so only highpoints within the landscape were dry from the flooding that occured during the rainy seasons. One of these high points was Glastonbury Tor, or Avalon.


To this day underneath the Tor (which means hill incase you were confuzzeled) there is a maze that has yet to be excavated- how cool is that! So no one knows what's in the maze and I'm guessing a lot of neat artefacts- though sadly archaeologists are not allowed to excavate due to a lot of regulations and rules against digging up religious and protected sites. Maybe one day we'll get clearance for a few weeks worth of excavating, but we're not getting our hopes up.


So, the trip to Avalon! After getting up at the Un-Goldy hour of half 7 in the morning, which doesn't exist in my life, I waited until buggerluggs, aka Mo, got up and we left at 9!- And people say that women take forever to get ready, HA!


So since I have a car, I drove up to Glastonbury, didn't take long really but I hate getting lost and will occasionally freak myself out. After being told to go to a museum for free parking we did...but I thouht it would be fitting to actually go to the museum- well I was using their carpark!

The museum in question was called the Somerset Rural Life Museum (yea no really, no lie- though to be honest Mo and I were quite taken on the Shoe Museum and wondered if the Gift Shop was called the Shoe Shop as what the hell would they sell as gift's if not shoes? The only character, inclufing fictional characters who would love this museum was be Carrier Bradshaw from Sex and the City!)

So here is the link about the museum if you wanted to know how us South-Western people used to live, ooh arh!


So after spending about 3/4 of an hour at the museum, we toddled off to Chalice Well. I bought a plastic bottle which only cost me £1 and I used it to fill up with the sacred water. Still unsure if it's drinkable, but I won't do it. May pop it on e-bay for a fiver...dunnot yet. Or I could use to build a sandcastle with sand I aquired in Egypt 5 years ago...ah the choices.


Anyway, took loads of photos and had time to reflect in the reflection spots around the place- would be better in the Summer I think. Bought a little pendant and summat for me Mum then Mo and I took on the challenge of walking up the Tor.


Now just for the record, it's not that big, about 500 metres high, but that wasn't the challenge. The challenge was walking up the Tor in gale force winds!


Buggeration! I thought I'd get blown away by the power of the Tor but seriously, in another way, I nearly did. At one point I leant back enough that I would lose my balance and the wind was so strong it kept me from falling. Eek!


But it was fun in a scary way. Took as many pictures as I could without my camera blowing away and managed to get safely back down the Tor.


All of this was inspiration for my book Mark of the Water Nymph- things I do for books eh? Well it was worth it and I will get to understand more about the trek up the hill and write more in detail.


Also I have put up a fan page for the Tattoo of the Black Angel Trilogy on facebook! Please like it! I have lots of things in store for the fan page in the upcoming months!


Happy Reading! x



Copyright Infringement- I have had enough!

Posted by A.E Kirk on January 26, 2011 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (2)

Ok so, I am having a rant- I thank Sofen for her rants of random stuff, the recent having a go at Snow White haha, but no, I am far from her excessive use of "detailed" swear words, so instead I shall take my pathetic excuse for a more conservative vocabulary and object to insufferable oafs who think it is Ok to look up published works on Wattpad!

For those of you who don't know -and I say this quite plainly- Wattpad is for unpublished

works from authors who wish for their stories to be read without profit! Creative writing people- you write stories on Wattpad, don't post other people's work! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

If you do not understand this then I suggest you bog-off to another site! Time and time again I have been asked where all these published books are, and as if by coincidence I happen across a Wattpad user who copyrighted Christopher Paolini's books Eragon and Brisingr and JK Rowlings Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows (although it was within the name of hairy potter). I ask you! WTH is wrong with you people?

You won't get away from me so easily! If I see ANY breeched copyright material I will contact Wattpad and your account will be dealt with.

This too, goes for those idiots who think it is "Ok" to steal Wattpad users work and post it on another site. Again I ask, WTH is wrong with you!

ALL stories that any Wattpad users posts onto the site is copyrighted under Wattpad, so by stealing other people's work you are in violation of the law damn it! Do you not understand this? Are you that thick as to think you'll get away with it?

Also to put insult to injury today on my facebook account, where someone contacted me from Wattpad (I won't say who) asked me to find published works from an author who, after looking them up, has written extensive publications in which all of their books can be found on amazaon and who appears to be an excellent author.

I ask you foolish people who think this is Ok...if you had taken the time and effort into writing something that took you months or years to write and you found that one true agent who was going to put you on the literary map and help build your career, and some snot-nosed little whelp took your books and posted them free on a website without your permission in which you would get no money for and would be a breech in your own copyright, how would that make you feel?

If the answer is "I'm Ok with it" then please leave me your name and address so I can beat the crap out of you.

I am FED UP TO THE TEETH with Copyright breechers- and thus you will be named so. Breechers. And to all of you who have seen Breechers act so unlawfully, I urge you to contact Wattpad and get their accounts dealt with. It's not right, it's wrong, it is stealing, breaking trust and damaging an authors reputation. 

Wattpad is not an unruly site where people become pirates and steal authors works- we are meant to help each other out, comment, critique and make friends with people all over the world because we like their stories and we respect their writing. 

Help Wattpad stay clean from Breechers! So no to Copyrighted material on Wattpad!

Abi XD