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June Myth of the Month

Posted by A.E Kirk on August 30, 2012 at 1:10 AM

Gosh! So sorry this has taken me such a while to get this done and put it up but here is June's Myth! (*cough* three months late)

June Myth- The Ogre


The Ogre has been commonly known to children and adults alike recently by the Shrek films. Ogre’s are now green with trumpet like ears and who like having weed-rat stew and having mud baths in a homely swamp. However like all good fairytales and fantasies, the ogre is a lot more unkind then Shrek and his ilk.


The Ogre is derived from a French word meaning to be ‘brutal’ or to ‘harass’. For e.g. you can have an Ogre like disposition.


In many of the classic tales from our history, Ogres have been known to eat humans. Effectively it is a type of cannibalism as the Ogre is primarily human-like, but giant in size. In one sense the “troll” and also the “giant” have been “related” to the Ogre, expressly from the latter myth where both species “grind the bones of humans to make bread”. However many Ogre-fantasists will say that the Ogre and the troll and giant are not related.

Many have found that the Ogre is a lot more “evil” that the troll or giant and is more terrifying. However like the troll, the Ogre is a nocturnal beast and can live pretty much anywhere that isn’t human populated or frequently visited by humans. So most of the time, in deep jungles and up high mountains. The Ogre has no magical power whatsoever. You won’t find it casting spells or using its super x-ray eyes to search for it’s prey. Ogre’s are similar to the giants that way. However, unlike the giant and troll, the Ogre is said to be extremely smelly and has its own distinct smell and apparently has more hair.


Not much is known on the ogre but there is a lot of space for adaptation for future books.


Ogre in book:

Ogre, Ogre -Piers Anthony

The Little Ogre’s Surprise Supper – T Knapman

Un Ogre – V. Bourgeau & Ramadier


Ogre on film:

Ogre 2008

Shrek 2001

Shrek 2 2004

Shrek The Third 2007

Shrek Forever After 2010


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